About my work

Cristina Lopez Casas is a chilean painter living in Oaxaca, Mexico. She studied graphic design and has a master's degree in Visual Arts. She has an inclination for illustrations and likes to think of her spectators as young women trying to make sense of social roles.

Her paintings play with fantastic and graphic abstractions and they have a melancholic mood. Having recently moved to the city of Oaxaca in the deep south of Mexico she is constantly touched by the richness and vitality of the traditional crafts done by women, like, weaving, embroidery and wicker work. She believes that the more traditional a culture is, the more difficult it is to find women artists that are working on their own imagery, so she looks to convey a peaceful place for women to explore and create.

more on me:
I studied Graphic Design in Chile and then moved to live in the US in the 90s. In 2003 I moved to Mexico City where I studied a Masters degree in Arts. I became a Mexican citizen in 2011, currently living in Oaxaca.
The artwork that I do comes from two places, the supposedly unconscious part of my mind and the rational and controlling side of it. So, in the mix there are cultural and personal memories, mostly energy and feelings, desires and opinions; the second place I inhabit when painting is the rational and critical mind that wants to direct the image towards an open question about the place of women in society. Notions of identity based on place of birth, migration, roles and relationships are explored in the images that I found in abstract and decorative backgrounds. I am influenced by academic techniques and illustrative drawings from classical to modern artists. I am inspired by concepts of the fantastic as it is studied in literature, where it is understood as a structure for presenting and confronting paradigms of beliefs.
I don't expect you to understand my work just as I created, but rather would like you to feel free to try your own interpretations using your own creativity in the process of discovering meaning.